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One of the basic questions asked by everyone is why we should do ADIT (UK), or how it will benefit us in our professional world. Following are the benefits of doing ADIT (UK):

  • Globally Recognized
  • Challenging and rigorous
  • Enhanced employability
  • A wealth of resource and support
  • Enabling you to differentiate yourself
  • Professional recognition
  • Annually updated exams
  • Designed to blend academic rigour and practical application

The ADIT structure

In order to become the ADIT(UK) it essential to attempt 3 papers. Paper-I relates to Principles of International Taxation, Paper-II relates to Jurisdictional based and Paper-III is Thematic. Only one paper is required to be chosen from Paper-II and Paper-III to qualify. All modules are examined in June attempt whereas he most popular are examined in December.

Paper I
Paper II
(Optional- Any one)
Paper III
(Optional- Any one)
Principles of International Taxation*
Australia India
Transfer pricing*
China Ireland
Upstream oil & gas
Hong Kong Malta
Brazil Singapore
EU direct tax*
Cyprus* Kingdom
Extended essay on a tax specialism of your choice. **

* These exams are available in both June and December attempt, while remaining only in June attempt.

** Extended essay in place of one of the optional (Paper II and Paper III) exams, candidates may submit an extended essay consisting of 15,000 to 20,000 words on any aspect of international taxation (subject to approval).

The mode of attempting the exam is on-screen only which means students can attempt the exam by typing their answer on-screen, using purpose-built software on their laptop.